We play a leading role in the following degrees that prepare our students to be at the forefront of a wide spectrum of advanced technology developments:

Bachelor of SCience (BSc) in COMPUTER SCIENCE - 180 ECTS

Master of SCience (MSc) in COMPUTER SCIENCE - 60 ECTS

Master of Science (MSC) in COMPUTER SCIENCE – 120 ECTS

Master of Science (MSC) in Computer science & engineering – 120 ECTS

Master of Science (MSC) in Data Science – 120 ETCS

Master of Science (MSC) in Data Science and Engineering – 120 ECTS

Master of Science (MSC) in Electrical Engineering – 120 ECTS


and we also actively contribute to other degrees:

Bachelor of Science (BSC) in Engineering – 180 ECTS

Master of Science (MSC) in Engineering physics – 120 ECTS

Master of science (MSC) in Biomedical Engineering – 120 ECTS

Master of Science (MSC) in Electromechanical Engineering – 120 ECTS

Master of Science (MSC) in Bioinformatics and Modelling – 120 ECTS



ll of our Master programmes require two years to complete, except for the MSc in Computer Science which exists in two flavours: a general MSc in Computer Science (1 year - 60 ECTS) and a specialized MSc in Computer Science (2 years - 120 ECTS).

These Master programmes are taught by internationally recognized academics in their field, within the Montefiore Institute of ULiège.

Many of our students do their Master thesis work embedded within our research teams and laboratory facilities, while others choose thesis topics that are in close cooperation with industry. All of our students have also the opportunity to do an internship either in industry or in a research lab abroad. Priviledged relationships exist with companies in the nearby Liège Science Park, a high-tech economic hub, start-up companies emanating from our department, as well as the Genoproteomics Research Center (GIGA), the Medical School, the Cyclotron Research Center (CRC) and the Liège Space Research Center (CSL).

The Montefiore Institute is located within the Sart Tilman ULiège campus, in a quiet and pleasant wooded area south of the vibrant city of Liège. The campus boasts student accomodation, several restaurants and cafeterias, sports facilities, two primary schools, a creche, and a University Hospital. There are several bus routes providing a direct and rapid link to the centre of Liège and the main train station, allowing many students to live in town and enjoy Liège’s joyful character and legendary nightlife to the full.

The city of Liège is located one hour east of Brussels which provides a convenient international airport, and is within a maximum 3-hour train journey from major European cities such as Paris, London, Frankfurt, Luxembourg or Maastricht, to name only a few. A strikingly close distance south of the city lies the Ardennes, a nature lovers’ paradise.

Because study degrees are heavily subsidized by the Belgian Government, tuition fees are low compared with many other destinations.

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