Electric Power and Energy Systems

Electric power and energy systems aim to generate, deliver and use electric power in an economic, reliable, and environmentally friendly way.


hese systems are physically composed of energy conversion systems and a hierarchy of grids, from very local micro-grids to continental-scale transmission grids; they have been quoted by the US National Academy of Engineering as the most complex man-made machines. Nowadays, they are undergoing a revolution to allow for the largest possible penetration of carbon-free energy sources and cope with the challenges of developing countries and of a rapidly growing share of electric transportation. The resulting fast technical and economic changes will imply a re-design of power and energy markets and regulations and of the various underlying cyber-physical layers, in order to maintain reliability and cost-efficiency while integrating large remotely located as well as small locally dispersed renewable energy sources.

Our research concerns the modeling, analysis, optimal design and control of electric power and energy systems, from the energy conversion systems to the global-grid level. To this end, we develop novel methods and algorithms so as to optimally combine physical models with data-driven techniques. We also apply them to real-world use-cases in close collaboration with industry.



Damien ERNST



Christophe GEUZAINE



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