Cybersecurity and Computer Systems

Research performed in the RUN team targets cybersecurity, computer systems and networks.

Cybersecurity Large


n particular, it focuses on three main themes:
  1. Networked systems: This research area addresses the design of new Internet architectures and algorithms to manage today's and tomorrow's networking challenges (e.g., programmable and virtualized network infrastructures, novel packet processing techniques). It also develops methods and tools for network measurements and modeling, such as network topology discovery at various levels (routers, switches, MPLS), traffic engineering, Cross-Layer Telemetry.
  2. Micro systems: This research area addresses near-minimum amount of software that can provide the mechanisms needed to implement an operating system. In particular, it focuses on unikernels. This technology is characterized by tiny memory footprints for the VM images (i.e., hundreds of KBs or a few MBs), very fast boot times compared to those of processes (i.e., less than 1s) and throughput in the range of 10-40 Gb/s.
  3. Systems security: This research area addresses aspects required for securing large-scale computing infrastructures, such as networks, data centers, or content distribution networks.




Laurent MATHY

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