Neuroengineering has become a central field at the interface of humans and machines. It aims at measuring, manipulating, and modeling the human brain within and across spatial and temporal scales to understand, repair or even augment the human brain (e.g., fixing abnormal brain function or driving a robotic arm).


owerful technologies continue to emerge to form compliant and reliable interfaces to stimulate and record signals from thousands of individual neurons at once to the whole brain. Despite the availability and the amount of such data, it seems as if we have merely scratched the surface when trying to characterize, predict, and manipulate neural and behavioral dynamics.

Our research aims at developing models and methods that improve our understanding of the human brain functions in physiological and pathological conditions, and develop novel therapies to help patients. It also aims at developing neuro-inspired algorithms with applications in robotics and artificial intelligence.


Guillaume DRION

Pierre SACRÉ


Christophe GEUZAINE

Jean-Michel REDOUTÉ

Christophe PHILLIPS

Alessio FRANCI

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