Computer Vision, Signal Processing and Robotics

The field of Computer vision aims at developing models and tools to extract information from images and videos, and beyond to take decisions or perform tasks such as enabling robots to manipulate objects or move autonomously.

Computer vision Large


mage and signal processing aim at developing models and methods to process and improve signals to enable applications. Intelligent Robotics aims at developing robots that interact in an intelligent way with their environment, and build on their abilities to interpret various kinds of data collected by different sensors.

Our research in this field aims at improving computer vision and signal processing models methods, both from a theoretical perspective and by leveraging machine learning algorithms, including deep-learning architectures. We also develop sensors and physical models of computer vision scenes, and we do research on biological vision mechanisms and applications in the context of face-recognition and artificial intelligence. We are very active in the development of methods and software platforms to assist bioimage research and medical diagnostics.



Pierre SACRÉ

Guillaume DRION

Jean-Michel REDOUTÉ

Jean-Jacques EMBRECHTs

Alessio FRANCI

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