Parking spaces




The above plan (see PDF full resolution ) distinguishes between :

  • 32 places for academic staff distributed over car parks P33b, P32e and P52a. These places are reserved for academic staff members who have to travel during the day. When parking in these spaces, academic staff members are requested to display a copy of their personal badge or business card on the vehicle. The number of spaces reserved is less than the number of persons concerned. In order to make it easy for your colleagues to find a parking space when they are on the move every day, we ask you to respect this priority rule.
  • 64 spaces reserved for staff members in car parks P33a and P32b These spaces are accessible to all staff members of all categories. Access to the car parks is controlled by barriers which open automatically on presentation of your staff badge. The reservation of these car parks is intended to favour staff members who have to move around during the day. The number of reserved spaces is less than the number of people concerned. So that your colleagues can find a space easily during their daily travels, we ask you to respect this priority rule.
  • Visitors: The staff car park P32b is also accessible to visitors from outside the University. In order to manage this flow as well as possible, you are asked to announce the arrival of your visitors by sending an e-mail to the following address "", mentioning their first and last names, the day of arrival and the approximate time. The access barriers are equipped with call buttons to resource persons who will be able to open the barriers remotely. There is no change in the places reserved for laboratories and strictly reserved places (PMR, janitors, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Segi Director).

The plan also includes the areas where parking is strictly forbidden. As a reminder, the University reserves the right to repair vehicles parked in forbidden zones.

For further information, please refer to the Internal Regulations .

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